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Seize the Day and Cap Property Taxes

An original copy of this editorial published at the Daily Herald on June 19,2015 http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20150619/discuss/150618952/ By Adam Andrzejewski Ever-escalating property […]

Is Pension Proposal Political Poison? Champaign News-Gazette

It was the dog’s failure to bark in the night that provided a crucial clue in “Silver Blaze,” one of […]

Tax hike not enough Illinois Statehouse News, Report

AUDIO is embedded at the “click here” link below. SPRINGFIELD — Adam Andrzejewski says he’s not surprised by a new […]

The Big Squeeze- Rahm, Madigan and audits.

by Adam Andrzejewski February 28, 2011 “It’s not enough to influence Republicans, we must squeeze Democrats for better policy and […]

A Bull Market for Illinois Insiders

A Bull Market for Illinois Insiders By: Adam Andrzejewski January 2, 2010 In early December, I had dinner with a […]

Vote Down Party Lines On Forensic Audit

Sad day in Illinois when 68 legislators vote no to audit the spending while the state careens toward insolvency. Out-of-control […]

Speaker Madigan, “Where Did The Money Go?” Nearly 40 years in Springfield…

April 22, 2010 Speaker Michael Madigan, Where Did the Money Go? Breitbart’s Big Government by Adam Andrzejewski “As Speaker, I […]

Forensic Audit Of State Spending Would Save Money

In October 2007, Illinois Auditor General William Holland issued a report indicating that Illinois “does not have a comprehensive, consistent […]